The hottest AI ticket in Australia and New Zealand

WaiAWARDS Gala Dinner 26th March, Sydney 2021

The same week Women in AI (WAI) celebrated the inaugural WAI Awards for Australia and New Zealand in a magnificent ‘Academy Award’ style Gala Dinner at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tim Fung ‘s Airtasker was delayed their IPO for a day, due to a malfunction at the ASX.

How are these two events connected? Tim described ‘feeling like Christmas had been rescheduled’ yet, the 5x oversubscribed IPO was a huge Australian success. …

With our news feeds constantly filled with ‘machine beats human’ content, it can be hard to believe that the fundamental, hard AI problems haven’t been solved yet.

Last year, it was big news when AI created by Alibaba and Microsoft topped the SQuAD (Stanford Question and Answer Dataset) global reading comprehension test. The leaderboard on SQuAD’s website showed Alibaba’s and Microsoft’s scores as 82.44 and 82.65 respectively. The scores are higher than a human’s, which is 82.304.

But what does this mean for AI advancement? As James Vincent points out, this was done ‘in a very specific and constrained task.’…

Over the past 10 years, we’ve developed a unique capability in Artificial Intelligence by teaching language to machines sequentially, as a human learns a language. has reached another milestone in achieving our vision to humanize conversation with machines, with the announcement of our final benchmarking against Facebook’s proposed ‘Intelligent Dialogue’ tests: an impressive success rate of 100% on eight of nine tasks.

I’ll get to that ninth task later. But first I want to share why our approach, based on a modern linguistic framework, Role and Reference Grammar (RRG), and the brain-based Patom theory, is creating truly conversational AI.

The Pat approach: how it’s different

Traditional approaches go down the parsing road or statistical analysis, or combine the two. The problem is that both parsing and statistics are blunt instruments.

Beth Carey

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pat Inc

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